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If using slide in the slide in will occur not from the lower-left corner of a positioned component. Appears to be approximately centered (but this may be only due to my application)

Run mode

Steps to reproduce the problem
  1. Define a button near the bottom of the page.
  2. Define a panel whose location will be the left X of the button and the Y will be the top of the bottom minus the size of the panel (say 400px).
  3. Add a select handler to the button and have it slide in the sized panel
  4. The panel will slide in from ~ the middle of the page (this may be dependent on the size of the panel - but either way it is not from the top of the button)

Expected result
The slide in should start from the Y+Height location

Actual result
slide in appears mid screen and then component bounces to proper location

Possible fix
In the method increase of SlideIn change the case UP: to be the following

   wrapEl.setTop(oBounds.getY() + (oBounds.getHeight() - v));