Hi everyone!

My Sencha Touch application resides on an Apache server with server-side basic authentication, i.e. upon the first connection, the user has to enter his/her credentials via the browser prompt. The application then gets cached using the cache.manifest and provided HTML5 mechanisms. If I take my iOS device offline and re-open the page, I can see and use the cached version just fine.

When taking my device online again, it is always using the cached version of my page but I'd rather like to sync the cache with the server (which, of course, requires a re-authentication with the server).

Is it possible to somehow force the user to re-authenticate his/herself on startup? Or am I doing something entirely wrong and the source of the problem is not the authentication?

The interesting thing is that it works as intended when only using the Safari browser, because it seems to cache the credentials too. If I, however, install the App to my homescreen, I still only get the cached version.

I am glad for every advice!