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Thread: Scroll bar on FramedPanel

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    Default Scroll bar on FramedPanel

    I have a UiBinder class that adds a few widgets to a gwt VerticalPanel. One of the widgets is a GXT FramedPanel which contains a Grid. I would like a scrollbar to appear on the Grid, because there are more items there than can be shown. With my current set-up, the scrollbar appears and works, but the bottom of the scrollbar is not visible. I have checked, and it is not hidden behind another panel. Any ideas?

    UiBinder code:
    <g:VerticalPanel height="100%">
                <my:Panel ...  />
                <gxt:FramedPanel bodyStyle="background-color:white;" headerVisible="false" pixelSize="1000, 300">
                    <grid:Grid ui:field="cnvGrid" />
                <gxt:FramedPanel ... >

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    I suspect you're having sizing issues. I'm not familiar with how to do this in UiBinder, but:
    1. Grids, by default, have a zero size so if you're putting it into a container that doesn't size, it will size itself based on the data it contains - which is probably NOT the behavior you're looking for here.
    2. VerticalLayoutContainer provides a means by which to tell children components how to size themselves via VerticalLayoutData. This includes sizing by:
      1. actual size
      2. percentage
      3. fixed pixel size
    Have a go and playing with this and remember that a good rule of thumb is to not nest containers when you don't need to as this can have unintended side effects.

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