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Thread: License for facebook code in Watchlist example?

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    Question Unanswered: License for facebook code in Watchlist example?

    The example Facebook integration at is very helpful, but there is no license information attached - not in the source files themselves or the project.

    This question was asked at but attempting to revive that thread hasn't generated response.

    If you download the GPL version of Sencha Touch 2 then we can see that in the `examples/watchlist/` folder there are only 3 icons files and `` which reads:

    # The Watch List
    Visit from your mobile device or Webkit browser 
    for a live demo.
    Visit for the source.
    So the source code is not included with the GPL download - this means the licensing is not explicitly GPL.

    We would like to use the Facebook JS files found in the example in our commercial app that is not open source and uses the commercial version of Sencha Touch 2 - is this allowed?

    Thank you for your help.

    PS: Unrelated, but the demo at currently fails with an "Internal Server Error" when I try to login.

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    I believe you can get more information on all that from the Facebook site,

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