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Thread: Notification etc of new releases - 2.0.3

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    Default Notification etc of new releases - 2.0.3

    Dear Sencha.. I find it difficult to keep up with the new releases.. Earlier i found that the blog was the best place to look, now I see that facebook and google+ is used more frequent.

    Often I see announces in the forums, but you have to look int the correct forums to catch it.

    Now I see that I've missed 2.0.2 release for a while, and I downloaded it yesterday, after seeing the 2.1B2 forum post. Today I read that 2.1-B3 ( is in the support pages, and then realize that 2.0.3 is also releases.

    What is the best place to look? Signing in at the support pages is not something I want to do daily/weekly/monthly to monitor for new releases. How about an e-mail notification?

    For the record I did not find a B3 in the nightly, at least not a version marked as B3.
    The 20120821 build does not seems to include Ext.device.Device.openUrl().

    Also, please make sure the release notes as easily found on the web page. Even for none subscribers, my first subscription was triggered due to a bug fixed in a closed release.. I would have subscribed earlier if I've known about the release, and the changelog.

    Final request..
    Let the subscribers download nightly builds of sdk tools and architect as well..
    At least the sdk tools beta is getting old now. Touch 2.0 really needs the sdk tools, and current public beta is only smelling the finish line
    Sven Tore Iversen

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    I did sign up for notifications when I registered, but I have rarely received emails regarding updates like you are talking about. I second it

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