So I know that this seems like a bit of a noob question but its really really not working !! I've tried everything.

My XTemplate Code
remtable = new Ext.XTemplate(
"<tpl if='status ==  1'>",
      "<table border=0><tr><td><font size=4><b>{time}</b></font><br><font size=3 color='gray'>",
"<tpl if='valid == 1'>Valid Profile", "<tpl else>Verify Profile", "</tpl>",
"</font></td>", "<td align='right'> <img id='{id}' align='right' src='resources/images/start.png' height=30 onclick=start('{id}')></td></tr></table>", "</tpl>" );
My Data Passed :
myData = [
id : 1, status : 1, valid : 1
id : 2, status : 1, valid : 0
I'm passing this XTemplate to the list I have in my panel, the template in the list should change depending on the value of "valid" passed to it. But my list doesnt change !! The list tpl goes directly in the "else" loop and displays "Verify Profile" even if the valid:1 is set

What am I doing wrong ???

**pulling her hair out**