Hi all,

I really enjoy watching all those fantastic plugins and extension that are submitted by the community.

In the learning section, there's a list of plugins and extensions.
I think it's a good idea however to create a list in the learning section with all the other good stuff that's posted in this forum. Call it 'tools' for example, which will contain the formbuilder. Or call it 'Components' which should contain the soap stuff.
I feel that these gems will become harder to find as more gems are posted. They're not exactly extensions or plugins, but they are worth a list of their own.

It would also be great if all the extensions somehow could be included in one svn repository. That way it would be way easier to keep up with the latest versions and to see changes, as opposed to the manual download/copy/paste actions.
And having them all build in a 'ext-extensions-debug.js' file using the jsbuilder would be very convenient...

What do you think?