A PDF Viewer Panel for the Sencha Touch 2 Framework - No Browser Plugin required, pure JavaScript.
It renders one page at once because of rendering speed. The page scale can be changed by using multitouch gestures like the Zoom-Gesture or Pinch-To-Zoom.
PDF Rendering is done using the great Mozilla PDF.js Library (https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js).

By now the rendering speed isnt very good. Take care by changing the maxPageScale config! I hope this is getting better with future development of mozillas PDF.JS.
The rendered page looks a bit blurry. This can be fixed by applying a sharpening filter on the rendered canvas. But this will cost some more cpu time, because we cant use WebGL by now.

Github Project




    views : [
    launch: function() {
            xtype     : 'pdfpanel',
            fullscreen: true,
            layout    : 'fit',
            src       : 'http://cdn.mozilla.net/pdfjs/tracemonkey.pdf', // URL to the PDF - Same Domain or Server with CORS Support


For an demo, please visit http://SunboX.github.com/st2_pdf_pan.../SimpleViewer/

Single page demo: http://SunboX.github.com/st2_pdf_panel/demo/NoToolbar/