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Thread: ux.Media[.Flash/Flex] Components 2.1.2

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    Lightbulb ux.Media[.Flash/Flex] Components 2.1.2

    Supported Ext Releases:
    2.0.x, License: LGPL3 (ux.Media[flash] RC1 only)
    2.1+, 3.0, License: GPL3 (ux.Media.* 2.0 and higher only)

    ux.Media/Flash/Flex 2.1.2 is now available on Google Code (SVN).

    Ext.ux.Media Classes
    Embed sounds, video, inline documents into your layouts or as ux.Components, Panels, or Windows.

    Predefined media configurations for: PDF, HTML, MOV, Flash, RealVideo, Mp3, WAV, MIDI, PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG(IE). (add your own as needed).

    This package also includes a port of SWFObject to Ext (providing Flash Version detection, Inline Express Installation, and a custom event sync (for use with Flash ActionScript event handling within an Ext application.)

    Early Alpha Releases are now closed:
    UPDATE: .31 Released. Minor fix to _WMV config prototype.

    Update:[8-18-2008] Release 2.0 of ux.Media[Flash] classes.
    Effective this release, the license has changed to GPL 3.0. See this post for details regarding this change.

    Update:[6-5-2009] Release 2.1 of ux.Media[Flash/Flex] classes.
    Many enhancements:
    • mediaMask, loadMask, autoMask
    • Flash Visibility fixes and plugin for all media objects
    • New media profiles created : PDFFRAME, Remote Desktop Client, Office Web Connect:XLS, Flash fscommand/Externalinterface support and more.
    • Built-in Flex-FABridge emulation support included for all Flex Components

    Update:[10-18-2009] Release 2.1.2 of ux.Media classes.
    New AudioEvents plugin for Ext.Components. -- Add audio (WAV/MP3) sound playback to any Component/Ext.Element by simply defining listeners on objects of interest.

    JWPlayer - ux.Media.Flash.Panel, externalInterface binding example.
    Flowplayer - ux.Media.Flash.Window (popular MP4, FLV, player with playlist support)
    AudioEvents - ux.Media plugin adds audio support to any Component/Ext.Element event.
    Flex(FABridge emulation) - ux.Media.Flex.Panel driving a popular Flex demonstration.

    Productivity (new):
    OpenOffice (Firefox only) Spreadsheet (XLS) and Documents (ODT)

    Note: the current vBulletin config gzips attachments which IE hates. Download this with Firefox (or other browser) instead of IE.
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