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Ext GWT 3.0.1

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IE 9 Windows 7

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I'm using an aggregation grid. I want some of the summaries to have text-align = left, and some text-align = right. Using AggregationRowConfig.setCellStyle(ColumnConfig, style) it should be possible to define different styles for different columns. Instead, all of the styles are beeing applied to all columns.

In my test case both columns are aligned right. You can even coment out either the first or the second style line - both columns get the defined style.

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Test case

AggregationRowConfig<T> agg = new AggregationRowConfig<T>();
agg.setRenderer(column1, new SummarySafeHtmlRenderer<T>("column1 summary"));
agg.setRenderer(column2, new SummarySafeHtmlRenderer<T>("column2 summary"));
agg.setCellStyle(column1, MY_TEXTALIGN_RIGHT);
agg.setCellStyle(column2, MY_TEXTALIGN_LEFT);