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    Default Answered: POST form data and get file

    I need to send data to the server, who's response is a file, so I cannot handle it with the standard AJAX method.

    So far, I can send GET requests by adding an "url" parameter to the button, and, in the controller's button handler, I simply do this:

    onGetPDF: function(button){
            var win = button.up('window');
            lUrl = button.href;
            Ext.getCmp('pdfBox').update( '<iframe src="' + lUrl + '">' );
    As you can see, I've created an "Ext.Box" in my view, then I update its content with an iframe. This is working well, but now I need to do the same, but instead of sending a GET request I need to do a POST, because I have to send a lot of text to the server.

  2. Great! I like that idea.

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