We are considering GXT for a web-based application that we will develop over the next months. One of our main requirements is to support both LTR and RTL layouts. Reading here on the forums I noticed that RTL support has been announced many times, however it still is a mystery when this will actually become available

After having contacted the sales department I received a reply indicating that I should search the forum for a beta version with RTL support. Official support is to follow end Q4, however due to the many posts about delays for this functionality I am not sure how many guarantees there are on this date.
The beta RTL functionality seems to not yet be available in the latest releases posted here. Getting early access to a beta release is not going to be possible says the sales department...which really is too bad. I guess purchasing a handful of licenses with support is not enough incentive to give access to a beta version so we can start development

So why do I post this here? Partly out of frustration, as GXT would be the easiest choice due to our experiences with the now deceased GWT-ext project, and partly because I am hoping people here can prove me wrong on RTL beta support. Does anybody have any idea what the status of RTL support is and how we can best try it out?

Using firebug with the online demos I was able to activate the "Direction: RTL" CSS property on the body element. Which gave mixed results: Many elements worked fine RTL, but some had major issues. The tab panel, which we use extensively, seems to not work at all (Tabs are not displayed).

Has anybody experimented with RTL in the latest v3 release? What are the issues you have encountered?