We are considering purchasing a number of GXT licenses with Premium support. I have noticed that prices of GXT support contracts are much below that of the competition. Which can a good thing, as long as the support that is offered is of the quality that we require.

Our first sales contact has been a little difficult - while very polite, they seem inflexible or unwilling to take that one step further. While they could have gotten our business right away by a simple extra step. Perhaps the Sencha organisation is simply too large to expect such personalised services?

So...since the Premium support forums are not accessible to us yet; how are your experiences with paid support? Is the 48 hour response time usually met, and are solutions provided quickly? (Within that 48 hour?) And in case of calling them on the phone for support: Are you actually talking to a skilled developer, or should I expect an outsourced callcenter that will digitise my issue and forward it as a ticket?

Any experiences are much appreciated