Hi folks,

If I want to read JSON data from a remote resource and have the actual data object I do the following:

function success( response, request ) {
    try { data = Ext.data.JSON.decode( response.responseText );  do_whatever( data ); }
    catch( err ) {  call_my_error_handler( ); }
function failure( response, request ){ call_my_failure_handler( ); }

    url: '/some/path',
    success: success,
    failure: failure});
and it all works well. But since there is a convenience function/object for just about any useful thing in Ext I thought there would be a short-cut for the above snippet that would combine the ajax request and the decoding and would return JSON by itself. Of course I'm aware of JsonStore but that is unnecessarily complex if all I want is a very simple JSON object which is not an array of items but let's say something like { abort: 2, config: 3, continue: 'yes' }.

Is there such a convenience function?