I am using extJS 3.3 and having the problem with the width of the menu on IE7 strict mode (only). The width of the menu is too small to show the complete menu items.

I try to do some experiment and found this link http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...items-to-small and add the autoWidth method (with minor modifications) on Menu.js

autoWidth : function() {
      var el = this.el;
      var ul = this.ul;
      if (!el) {
      var w = this.width;
      if (w) {
      } else if (Ext.isIE7) {
        var t = el.dom.offsetWidth; // force recalc
        el.setWidth(ul.getWidth() + el.getFrameWidth("lr"));
It seems to be working in IE7 but i don't understand how? Please tell me is this the correct approach to fix this problem or if there are any other then let me know.