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Thread: CSS problem with IE9

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    Default CSS problem with IE9


    I want to put a background-image to a button. Here is the CSS:

    .valid { background-image:url(../images/accept.png); }
    It's very simple and it's work in firefox and chrome but not in IE.
    I search and I found a difference between the browsers. ExtJS put x-nbr class in the BODY in IE. It's this class which destroy the style which that:

    I try to put it to 0 with !important, it work but the hover hide the picture of the button.

    EDIT: I try to change cls to iconCls, it's work ... but I can't change de size of the button with the iconCls. I need to put the class with the attribute cls.

    EDIT2: I debug and look to the BODY tag and I have this as class: "x-body x-ie x-ie7p x-ie7 x-ie7m x-ie8m x-ie78 x-nbr x-nlg x-reset x-border-layout-ct x-container"

    I look a sample/example of sencha and I see some differents in the BODY tag: " x-body x-ie x-ie7p x-ie8p x-ie9p x-ie9 x-nlg x-reset" -> I put this with the debugger of IE and all works. The question is: Which files add the class to the BODY tag and why I have differents class?

    Anyone have a solution?

    Thank you in advance for your answers

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