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Thread: Package Android/iOs Application not work ???

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    Default Package Android/iOs Application not work ???


    I finished my project and it works on browsers : no js errors, no warnings.

    I tried to package it for Android and iOs.

    1/ On Android :
    - I created a certificate file with the command key tool
    - I configured all fields in the package window
    - I packaged : no errors
    - I installed it on Android emulator and i saw a white blank screen. I don't know why ?
    In addition, we can't configure the password for the certificate if we choose Release mode

    2/ On iOs :
    - I have a developer account and know perfectly iOS because i developed on Xcode.
    - I created my developer certificate, my appID, my provisioning profile
    - I configured all fields in the package window.
    - I packaged : no errors.
    - I installed it on my iPhone via iTunes : the app can't be installed while i installed my provisioning profile on my iPhone.
    Why ?

    If someone could help me.
    I am disappointed to buy Sencha architect for the moment because I can not install an application on a mobile.

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    1. Have you enabled debugger and looked to see if files are loading or if they're are any errors?

    Phil Strong

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