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Thread: Char store not working when my store field name has a combination of dot and space

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    Default Char store not working when my store field name has a combination of dot and space

    I have faced a strange issue when creating bar chart.

    when i set the store for my chart eg:

    var dataStore = new{
    fields: ["field1 .", "field2"],
    data: [
    {"field1 ." : "data1", "field2" : "data2"}

    if the field name contains both a dot and space char then the store is not working. If its only on of these char it works fine.
    So does any one knows a work around for this.

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    The dot can easily make it seem like it's an object and property. Workaround is to only use alpha/numeric chars in the field names, may need to use the mapping config on the field.
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    I'm not sure if there is something similar to this in the Touch framework, but in ExtJS you can set the value of useSimpleAccessors in the reader to true. This will allow the JSON key to be interpreted as a string rather than an object reference.

    Hopefully there is a setting like that in the reader for the Touch framework!

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