I am using a BorderLayout and trying to resize the center region when the left side panel is collapsed. My center region is a tab panel. One of my tabs contains a grid panel. I want to resize any panel that is in the center region tab panel on collapse.
App.centerTabPanel is a reference to the tab panel in the center region. App.mainPanel is just one of the tabs I am testing the resize with.
Nothing gets resized, I have my tabs with layout "fit". The tabs with a gridpanel do get resized only when I reload the store.

Can someone please help? Thank you very much!

Here is my code:

Ext.override(Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region, {

onCollapse : Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region.prototype.onCollapse.createSequence(function() {
//App.centerTabPanel.doLayout(); //doesn't work
//App.centerTabPanel.getActiveTab().doLayout() // doesn't work
//App.centerTabPanel.syncSize(); // doesn't work
App.mainPanel.getStore().reload(); // this works, when the store reloads it resizes the grid