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Thread: Multiple autonomous ExtJS apps on the same page?

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    Default Multiple autonomous ExtJS apps on the same page?


    Were looking to use our CMS to deliver a customised welcome page. The CMS page is divided into components (Your Messages, Your performance etc) and we need to be able to mix and match them for use on different pages.

    Were thinking of using ExtJS for some of these components as theyre complex/interactive and would also suit the use of the charting features which ExtJS has.

    My questions are:-
    • Can you have multiple autonomous ExtJS applications running on the same page and be able to mix and match them?
    • Is there any special coding required around this?
    • Are there any limitations?
    • Is it a supported configuration?
    Can't seem to find any answers in the documentation or on the 'net within the last year or so.

    Any help appreciated!

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    One page, one application. You should search the forums at other things that work, you can have sub modules with one application (even I have done a proof of concept example)
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