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Thread: sencha apps desktop AND mobile?

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    Default sencha apps desktop AND mobile?

    We're developing a web app with complex visualisations, which we want to work on desktop and mobile platforms.

    My original plan was to use sencha touch 2 for mobile, and Ext-JS 4 for desktop, and to share the controllers for the visualisations between the two apps (with the components around them being rewritten to make sense for desktop/mobile). However, when evaluating we found that the two frameworks are too different to properly share the code, so we're developing under sencha touch at the moment.

    We've run into problem after problem getting it to work on the desktop, and looking at responses to user questions on the forum it looks like Sencha have no intention of having touch work on the desktop beyond a debugging platform. While at the moment it's possible to move the controllers between frameworks with a little bit of code modification, I'm worried that it looks like sencha touch and ext-js seem to be moving further and further apart - wouldn't it make more sense to have the frameworks be compatible?

    I guess my question is, do Sencha have any intention of making it possible to write an app that can work on both desktop and mobile, or at least share code between the two?  I can understand why you've written the frameworks the way you have, and I can certainly understand targeting only webkit for touch, but I feel that javascript is the perfect cross-platform language for the future, and there would be tremendous value in a framework that would allow you to develop apps that are truly cross platform.

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    We do see value in sharing base code between the two frameworks and we are making steps to move more in sync. The config object system of getters and setters is the big difference between the two. It works great in ST2 and will work in Ext JS 4 but the framework classes do not utilize them so it's only useful for application classes really. It would pretty much be rewriting much of the framework to get it to work through out which is a huge undertaking.
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