Hi All -

Just a quick summary for folks about further performance optimizations that are underway for the next major release (currently called "4.2").

We are looking at these main areas:

Optimize component life-cycle

Promising early results so far here esp related to setUI.

Track/eliminate unnecessary measurements in layouts

A reworked autocontainer layout gets back to not needing any child item sizes via some tricky CSS/DOM but the "layout rules" don't allow us to take full advantage of that ... yet

Optimized panel/dock layout

Pretty much the work-horse of the framework, so gains here are felt by all.

Deferred Layouts

This could also be called "idle-time layout" or "auto-batching". This item would have to be opt-in, but would ensure that operations that would today trigger multiple layouts are automatically gathered into a single layout scheduled just before returning control to the browser. This item may not be totally achievable, but would obviously help tremendously vs the current explicit approach using suspend/resumeLayouts because lots of (large) apps have a hard time taking advantage of these calls.

Class System Optimization

This will be addressed with a newly redone bit of tooling about to enter beta, but the advanced features planned for the tooling will not be fully realized in the 4.2 release.

There are some other areas we are looking at, but I wanted to let everyone know that we are really not done on the performance area.