Thank you for the answer, Don! Very interesting!

Though, seems, you have not answered on the question about IE. It is the second post in this thread just after your initial post. It has 3 vote up, so, probably, it is very important A bit kidding. Generally, the answer "No" is also acceptable. Eventually, you are not Gods to make IE better

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  • Quit using button elements for Button component (uses Aria role instead). This allowed the component layout for buttons to be radically simpler ... turns out IE has opinions on button el styling Also somewhat surprisingly, depending on the app, buttons can become the most expensive piece of the layout so this is likely to be very noticable.

Once I faced a performance issue with IE7 and IE8. In other browsers including IE9 it was OK. It turned out that the buttons caused it due to the fact that they were rendered as HTML table elements in IE7 and IE8 (as it was in ExtJS 3). It took too much time for relaying out. But in others it is rendered just (almost) as a div. (it is really cool, by the way). And relaying out occurs instantly... Hmm, I just discovered that now it renders the same way in IE7 and IE8. Cool, thanks!