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Thread: Calendar plugin using Google Calendar API ?

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    Default Calendar plugin using Google Calendar API ?

    Hi !

    I have seen a couple of very good calendar plugin (TouchCalendar, dhtmlxScheduler) for Sencha Touch 2, but I was wondering if someone has implemented one using the Google Calendar API to get the events ? I'd need something, even just readonly, to perform that kind of stuff. Since I don't have a lot of time, if someone here knows a way, tutorial, samples, etc to help me around, it would be nice. Especially since I'm a total newb to Sencha.

    I've seen the Google API documentation (even a beta Javascript client library) so I know I can start from there, but any shortcut or tips from some people that would have done it before would be of great help !

    Thanks !

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    I have not seen that particular example.
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