Version : GXT 3.0.1
Operationg System : Windows 7, 64 bit
Browser : Internet Explorer 8

I have an inline grid with one of the columns a combo box. I have an onBeforeShow event registered to that combo box. When it is shown, the event gets called twice. I have included an example with a System out in the onBeforeShowEvent handler for that combo box.

System out below will be called twice when the combo box is shown:

		comboBox.addBeforeShowHandler(new BeforeShowHandler() {
			public void onBeforeShow(BeforeShowEvent event) {
If I add a focus handler, this is only called once.

		comboBox.addFocusHandler(new FocusHandler() {
			public void onFocus(FocusEvent event) {
I cannot use the focus handler, so that is not a work around. If I use a focus handler, my decision to hide/show the tigger causes it to change AFTER is is rendered on the screen. I want to change the trigger before hand.

Also, my decision to hide/show the trigger is a trivial boolean decision, so I would prefer not a performance hit because the code needs to be executed twice for no reason.