I'm trying to use the Ext.ux.form.field.MultiMonth component available at https://market.sencha.com/users/30/extensions/61 in Sencha Architect, but I cannot get it to work. It doesn't even come in .xdc format so I can't add it to the toolbox.

Is there a way to add the component to the toolbox, so that I could drag n drop it where I need?

In my application, I did the following:

Added a Loader and a "requires" section:

    enabled: true,
    paths: {
        Ext: '.',
        'Ext.ux': 'lib/extjs_plugins/ux'


    requires: [
"lib/extjs_plugins/ux" being the path of the "ux" directory relative to the root of my Sencha Architect application.

However I still cannot add the component to any container. It seems to be invisible although the browser dev tools show that the component files are found and loaded.

Any help would be very appreciated, and a minimal and working example would be better again.

Best regards,