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Additionally, I may have taken a slightly different approach to my application architecture than most. Instead of creating one big, monolithic ExtJS application, I chose to break my application into smaller, standalone "applets" (that's what I call them). Each applet is a standalone SA project and distinct ExtJS application. It can run standalone or be integrated into my overall application navigation framework.

I believe that this modular approach is perfect for Sencha Architect, as each application and project is smaller and focused as a result. Admittedly, I'm not thrilled with how I had to integrate the various applets into the application framework (using iframes), but it works and for the most part works extremely well.
If I understand well, all the views etc which you used in your application, they are each an application on their own,right? Is there any other way of integrating all of them without using iframes? I don't seem to truly understand this...