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    Question Unanswered: Styling Chart Tooltips

    I am having trouble styling chart tooltips. The first tooltip that says "Help" is the standard non-chart tooltip, styled with the x-tip style. The second is the tooltip that appears when you rollover a chart sprite. I would like to stype the second tooltip to look like the first.

    tooltip1.PNG tooptip2.PNG

    The code to add the tooptip to the chart is as follows:
    tips: {
        trackMouse: true,
        anchorToTarget: true,
        hideDelay: 0,
        showDelay: 0,
        width: 500,
        height: 40,
        border: '0',
        renderer: function(storeItem, item){
           // calculate percentage.
          var total = 0;
              total += rec.get("yData");
          this.setTitle(Math.round(storeItem.get("yData") / total * 100) + '% ' + ' ' + storeItem.get("xData"));
    Since the chart tooltips are rectangular sprites, can they be configured to the extent that the basic html tooltips are? It looks like the chart tooltip size is hard coded instead of variable depending on the length of the text. I tried leaving off the height and width, but this frequently caused to tooltip to be truncated.

    I tried setting baseCls, bodyCls which seemed to be ignored. Setting the body color with this

    bodyStyle: 'background-color : yellow',
    resulted in only partially adding a background color, coloring only the bottom half of the tooltip rectangle.

    Has anyone been successful at styling the chart tooltips, starting with background color? If so, can you paste example code? What are the limitations on styling chart tooltips?
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