Are there any plans to make Sencha Touch support for more browsers than just Webkit-based browsers?

I know there is already a topic which confirmes that it's not in scope right now ( But I think it is important and here's why:

- Android users have the freedom to install any browser they want, and they use it.
- Jelly Bean comes with Chrome, I installed the beta on my ICS device and there are some bugs (which I still need to report when I have tested thoroughly)
- Developers like to use their own tools in their own browser, why not give them this power?
- It gives an oppertunity to use the Touch variant on desktop browsers and tablets
- Smart-devices won't be limited to phones in the near future, targeting 'just' touch-devices will become too limited. Therefor I think if Sencha Touch wants to keep momentum it has to embrace this future in time.

Don't get me wrong, Sencha Touch is a great product and I use it very often in my day to day work. But I want to start this discussion to improve even more and get ready for the future, to see the different views and opinions on this subject.