I have put our internal Sencha module that we use on Github, it currently provides a Direct API generator with caching and an automatic bootstrap generator. The github repository is located at https://github.com/KablauJoustra/KJSencha

This is only a small part of the features that we use in our applications and more will be put on Github later.

Future plans are:
  • Dynamic Ext JS component generator in PHP
  • Direct Polling with simple CRON syntax
  • Support for stores
  • Rest controllers with zf2 hydrators
  • Automatic Sencha CMD bootstrap builder
  • Sencha Touch and Ext Scheduler modules
  • More...
There is an Example application available here which has the Direct examples from the official documentation.

f you have any issues, questions or additions feel free to submit them to the Issue Tracker, submit a Pull Request or post them here.