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Thread: Linux has later version than windows!

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    Default Linux has later version than windows!

    Linux has Architect version 2.1.0 build 633, which a co-worker has been using. I am on windows and have the latest windows version 2.1.0 build 584. I cannot open a project he has created because it tells me to update to a later version. I can't do that unless there is some other way of getting the version I need then from Sencha's download page. does anyone have an idea why this is and how to get around the problem?

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    The latest version is 637.

    Some windows users have reported problems with Architect not getting updates or failing to download the updates. You can manually download the latest .ion file from here:

    You will want to drop this into your AppData directory. Below is where its located for various platforms.

    Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Sencha, Inc\Sencha Architect 2.0\

    Windows Vista/7
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Sencha, Inc\Sencha Architect 2.0\

    ~/.local/share/data/Sencha, Inc./Sencha Architect 2.0/

    Mac OS X
    ~/Library/Application Support/Sencha, Inc./Sencha Architect 2.0/
    Aaron Conran

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