Hi all,

I'm facing a big problem with line Chart.
I have about 250 data to show so I must zoom a lot on it. If I set a zoomMax on panzoom interaction more than the default one (>10) the label on X axis is not rendering as expected. Basically the more I zoom, the more the label (above the chart) gets cut.
Eventually the label disapear. Even worse, so does the X axis!

You can test the bug on the Line chart example from touch chart library.
In the index.js from the src folder just set the line 27 to "data : generateData(12, 20)" this will generate 12 item to show instead of 5 initially.
Then add a panzoom interaction on the bottom.

If you zoom to maximum zoom value, you will see that the December month is not renderered on screen.

Then if you get off the title from the bottom axe and zoom just a little bit you can see that the label is cut a little bit from the bottom.

And at last if you set the zoom to more than the default value, let's imagine 20... If you zoom to about 10 the label for the month of decembre does not appear on the screen like I say beafore. But then if you zoom a bit more another month will be removed from the screen. Eventually, there will be no more X axis.

There is another bug I saw on the line chart and I don't know if it's linked to what I just explained.

I don't know if I must create a new thread for this... Anyway.
For this bug just take the exemple from line chart like before. You just have to add a interaction panzoom on the bottom. Then zoom to maximum, pan to maximum on the right and click on an item. The information shows is not correct, in my case if I click on the item totally on the right it says "Month : March" but the axis label indicate "May" and in that case the axis is right.
I have found a fix for this. Instead of getting "item.storeItem" in the show function from the listeners I use "item.value" and it works, but I think this is not really the best way to do it.

If anyone have some idea to workaround this bug?
Or explain the rendering of the X axis so I can modify the source, I think in axis.js?