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Thread: Feature Request - ESC to close a window

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    Default Feature Request - ESC to close a window


    Can I suggest a simple usability feature request for Architect.

    If there is a message box on screen, it would be really great if I could hit Escape to close the dialog box..

    I have some forms that, for whatever reason, always spit up a dialog box error when I click on them in the Architect Inspector pane... something about a relative web-reference that Architect can't resolve, but my webserver can at run-time.. If I'm moving down through the list of forms in the inspector using a keyboard, I have to stop doing that, pickup the mouse, click on the "ok" button and then click back in the inspector and go back to the keyboard and continue what I was doing...

    Seems petty, but just about every other window or dialog box in a windows environment will close or cancel if you hit the Escape key.. I'm not sure about the Mac world.. It's just one of those things that I assume will happen, and just ticks me off if it doesn't..

    Many thanks

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    It's already in the list of things we know we need to do; thanks for the suggestion.
    Aaron Conran

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