How can i make a autoscroll of image with carousel.
Something like this:

var crsl = Ext.create('Ext.Carousel', {
    defaults: {
        styleHtmlContent: true
    }, // defaults
    maxHeight: 100,
    fullscreen: true,
    items: [
        html: 'red',
        style: 'background-color:#f00;'
    }, {
        html: 'orange',
        style: 'background-color:#ffb600;'
    }, {
        html: 'yellow',
        style: 'background-color:#ff0;'
    }, {
        html: 'green',
        style: 'background-color:#80ff4d;'
    }, {
        html: 'blue',
        style: 'background-color:#009dff;'
    ] // items
}); // create()

setInterval(function () {;
    if (crsl.getActiveIndex() === crsl.getMaxItemIndex()) {
}, 2000); // setInterval()
The problem of this code is the fullscreen, if I want 2 panel with layout vbox, with flex 1 and in one panel i want put this code for carousel with initialize function, and to the the other panel with an html code text.
The problem is that the i see only fullscreen carousel and not the second panel. If I cancel the line
then i see not more the carousel.
How can I do it?