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Thread: Production build doesn't update on home screen

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    Default Answered: Production build doesn't update on home screen

    Have built an app (production) in Sencha command 2B3, from Sencha Touch 2.011.

    I solved the problems with iOS6 regarding AJAX cahing with adding new Date.getTime().

    Now its seems there's a problem updating a production app when it runs in "home-screen" mode.

    - When the app runs in safari update is triggered.
    - When the app runs in home screen mode nothing happens.

    I've applied Jackys fix:

    I've checked the HTTP log and confirmed that no requests are made for the app.js file after app.json has been loaded.

    I'm 99% sure that this procedure worked before iOS6 update. Though, the request for app.js is made via GET and shouldn't be concerned by the caching issue. Or should it?

    Thanks /E

  2. After a lot of remote debugging, testing and yelling at the screen I decided to generate a fresh project att add my code to that. It worked ...

    Possible reasons:
    - I've used Jackys fix for the production microloader. Removed in new build.
    - Something went wrong with the localstorage in the iOS6 update ...? (longshot)
    - ?

    Anyway, is it possible to build a production build without the use of localstorage at all (seems a bit unstable)? That is, a build that only uses the cache.

    Thanks /E

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