UPDATE : The "sencha app build" command has been reinstated as the top-level build for an application in more recent builds. This simply calls the Ant script described below making "sencha app build" and "sencha ant build" (and "ant build" if you have Ant 1.8+ in your PATH) all equivalent commands. At the time of the release, the sub-set of the build performed by "sencha app build" was being invoked internally using "sencha app build" but this has simply been refactored to free us to restore "sencha app build" to its role as the way to build apps.

Thanks for all who commented on this issue.

Greetings -

In this release we have introduced a new, top-level build command to provide a consistent and customizable build process for Ext JS and Sencha Touch applications. In previous releases, Sencha Touch used "sencha app build" as the top-most command to perform an application build. The logic behind this, however, was entirely contained in Sencha Cmd and hence could not be customized.

The new command is:

    sencha ant [production|testing|native|package] build
This runs the generated Ant build script to build your application. The reason the arguments are swapped vs "sencha app build" is to accomodate how Ant processes the command line.

That's all that is necessary to change to "sencha ant build". You don't have to do anything extra to get Ant (it is provided by Sencha Cmd) and you don't have to know anything more about Ant than this command. That is, unless you want to customize the build script.

For details on tuning your application's Ant build script, start by reading the comments contained in "build.xml" (the Ant build script). Also you can consult the Ant Manual for details on using Ant.

Alternatively, you can chose to wrap your own build process around the new "sencha ant build" command in much the same way as you would with "sencha app build".


For download links, see http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...ha-Cmd-V3-Beta

Bugs Fixes

Cmd (3)
  • TOUCH-3450 - [2.1 beta3] Bug in the config.rb file (SASS Compile)
  • TOUCH-3454 - [2.1 beta3] sencha generate app failed on linux64
  • TOUCH-3466 - [2.1.0-b3] Ext.Loader path problem
Misc (7)
  • SDKTOOLS-110 - Generated app templates need to be loadable via file protocol
  • SDKTOOLS-155 - Problems with the encoding characters using the compiler compression
  • SDKTOOLS-157 - Sencha Cmd does not auto-detect xtype/xclass dependencies
  • SDKTOOLS-158 - Sencha app upgrade doesn't work
  • SDKTOOLS-163 - sencha app build: classes out of order
  • SDKTOOLS-164 - Sencha Cmd 3.0 and Cygwin
  • SDKTOOLS-37 - app-all.js is using ANSI not UTF8
compiler (1)
  • SDKTOOLS-156 - Compiler does not recognize xtype in Ext.define and create appropriate alias entries
jsbuilder (2)
  • SDKTOOLS-101 - Including a file that contains a string with more than 8192 characters breaks build process
  • SDKTOOLS-104 - Remove "url" from app.json