Hello there,

I am currently starting developing an ExtJS window with a form panel, which shall display various type of gui elements.
The exact amount and types of gui elements is variable - I want to bind a JSON store, which provides the actual set of items, which shall be displayed and be configurable by the user upon completing the form.
There will be comboboxes (also multiselect comboboxes done by a certain ExtJS plugin), dependent comboboxes (meaning selection of combo1 triggers available values of other combos), checkboxes, text input fields, text areas and so on...

At first I thought about using a XTemplate with a DataView, but a Dataview can only display data and isn't able to submit.

So I think a FormPanel is the right choice.

Could you please give some hint, whether I should stick to a form panel and how I can achieve the dynamics?

Are there maybe somewhere examples available?

Many thanks in advance,