When using Sencha Grids I find I have to create a fixed model SGrid class and SGridProperties interface such that
I have to N columns up to as many as I add to my List of ColumnConfig
as well as SGrid and SGridProperties interface.

private ArrayList<ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>> availGridColumns=new ArrayList<ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>>();

private void setup_availGridColumns()

this.availGridColumns.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.n1(1), 50, " "));
this.availGridColumns.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.n2(2), 50, " "));
: :
this.availGridColumns.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.nZ(), 50, " "));

Note other than this part the grids are working. I do have some sizing issues but the bottom line here is that I need a more dynamic way to do this and I am in need of some basic understanding here of how I might do this more dynamically. Anyone got a good suggestion regarding this??

Now this approach means that for a complete grid of strings and nothing but strings I need my model SGrid to have as many n... properties e.g n200 for 200 columns. So its still limited and not dynamic. The guy I am working with on a project wants it completely dynamic. How might that be accomplished??

How might this be done so it is completely dynamic? Is there another way to do this without the ColumnModel object??

Rather than have to make up a set of availableGridColumns I would perfer
simply a new GridColumnx.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.n(0), 50, " "));
simply a new GridColumnx.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.n(1), 50, " "));
simply a new GridColumnx.add(new ColumnConfig<SGrid, String>(props.n(2), 50, " "));

: :

and then create a SGrid Module with a variable number of array elements or list elements

Any suggestions how to accomplish this task??