I'm completely new to Sencha.... so forgive me if the questions are to simple...

1. After installing the Architect, do I still need to instal Sencha Touch, ExtJS livraries or they are included with the install ?

2. Is installing Sencha SDK something extra (beyond the Architect) ?

3. I see Sencha is oriented mostly in iPhone. Where do I change my settings for Android and what Emulator is recomended to Windows/PC ?

4. I need to create an App which will use local database as main storage (preferably SQLite).
This database would need to be updated (in both directions) ocasionally (i.e upon user request) from/to remote MySQL server. For the local database I have fond some sort of SQLite plugin, but have no idea how to use it

5. From what I have red so far looks like in order to use a remote database (CRUD) I need a REST service installed on the server. I have no skills to write i.e. PHP script to do that, so is there any alternative to that (at least for MySQL)

Thank you