Jack has done a fantastic job getting Yui-ext to 1.0 alpha. Congrats! It's amazing what can be done with the framework he built on top of yui. The one thing yui-ext lacks that could cement its place in the js world is an organized effort by the community to add third party components and themes.
The scaffolding is there to create some pretty cool stuff and I want to see more skins and widgets.

To this end I'd like to throw out the idea of a contest where the community contributes their skins and widgets and prizes are distributed to the top three entries in each category based on votes by the community. I'd be willing to kick start this effort by donating $250 into the pot for the winners.

Some ideas for rules of the contest include:

-- themes must be universal across all components
-- cross browser support (IE6+, FF 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari 2+)
-- no CSS hacks allowed
-- all entries become the property of the community
-- no entries will be folded into the core of yui-ext but will remain a branch for continued community development unless Jack decides it should become part of the core

A side-effect of this contest (beyond great new themes and widgets) is that it could attract an entirely new set of developers who have not heard of yui-ext. Timed with the general release of a stable 1.0 build, it would add even more mommentum to the yui-ext train.

So what do people think :?:

Alex Gadea