I am currently having difficulty allowing a dropzone to receive drops from different dragzones. My requirement is simple.
Grid A: Source of all data
Grid B: Receive drops from Grid A. Grid B should allow drag and drop to itself to reorder the items.

I am currently using Ext.dd.DropZone and Ext.dd.DragZone due grids A and B have different structure. I managed to allow dragging from A to B. But how can I enable dragging from B to B (for reordering items)?

What I did
gridA.getView().dragZone = Ext.create('Ext.dd.DragZone', el, {<options>});
gridB.getView().dropZone = Ext.create('Ext.dd.DropZone', el, {<options>});
// at this point all is well. Can drag from gridA to gridB

// but as soon as I did below, I am unable to drag from A to B anymore
gridB.getView.dragZone = Ext.create('Ext.dd.DragZone', el, {<options>});
I thought I should use ddGroup so.
1. If all 3 zones have equal ddGroup - Unable to drag from A to B
2. A.dragZone and B.dropZone have equal ddGroup and B.dragZone is different - Able to drag from A to B. B items are draggable but will not be accepted by B itself.

So, is it possible in ExtJS4 to have a grid receive drops from other grids and from itself also?

Thank you...