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Alain, I'm not dismissing your work on Ext4j, you obviously put a lot of time into it. But knowing that you also manage Touch4J actually just adds to my concern. Sencha releases updates to Ext JS and Touch quite regularly, and some of the changes can be quite extensive. I just think that it's going to be very difficult for one person to keep up with that pace of change.
I did nt assumed you were dismissing my work. No worries

I started Touch4j with Sencha Touch 1. Now Touch4j supports the latest Sencha Touch version and adds even more stuff to it. So I think I manage the changes from Sencha pretty well. Since I m using the tools for my own project It s part of my job to keep them uptodate. Also there are some big companies using Touch4j so I m not worried about production level. I hope to get to that level with Ext4j.
The main problem with the tools is to make people understand what GWT is about. When they hear Java they think applet

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Sencha has a large team of people working on these libraries, and even they also struggle to deal with bugs and ERs. And now, if something goes wrong, folks will first have to determine whether the problem is in the Java wrappers or an actual issue in the underlying Ext JS/Touch JS libraries.
Sencha Engineer have others problem than I. Actually their work is way more harder than mine.
The tools I create are just delegating call the underlying libraries. So it s really easy to spot where the errors are coming from.
We choosed better productivity over possible errors.

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Again, I'm thankful that folks like you do this sort of work. I manage and contribute to a number of open-source projects myself. I'm just trying to explain why a lot of developers (or managers) are going to be hesitant to rely on something like this for production apps.
Thanks a lot.
I agree with you that people are very hesitant. But the tools are being used in production already. We use it at NTT DATA and I know other big names doing it already too.
I always suggest to download the libraries and play with them and then go from there.
I have lots of examples out there
Like I said you might not want to go back to anything else