The point was nt about Hejlsberg promoting TypeScript but more about his points on JavaScript.

When you look at companies writing web apps at a really big scale(Google, Microsoft, Facebook) you will see they have something on top of JavaScript. Dont you think there is a reason why they do so ?

Now dont get me wrong Ext JS is great and i love what Sencha has been doing with it. Still Ext JS dont fix the JavaScript problem

1) Now well you still can work with the console inside an IDE.

2) There are things JsLint cant find. Simply because of the nature of JavaScript (or any dynamic typed language).

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
if(request.readystate == 4){
console.log("Hello, World");
That s legal is JavaScript but doest not what i want. And i can only find it out at runtime. Which is pretty bad.

3) Then you know this is nightmare. You definitely miss a lot of things that a statical type language will you.Try to refactor a simple method accross classes in JavaScript.

4) For you maybe. For me not. Having to build teams it s a pain to find people fluent in JavaScript.

Programming languages are tools. One should use what makes more sense for her.
But we definitely need something better then the current state of JS