I'm not sure if this is a GXT or a GWT issue, since I am using GXT components as well as GWT.

PHP Code:
        myComboBoxExample.asWidget().setTitle("Archive Process Snapshot Report");                    
String temp  myComboBoxExample.asWidget().getTitle(); 

When I do that it doesn't set the title. I'm guessing that I don't fully understand how asWidget works right now. The GWT Api says "Widget adds support for receiving events from the browser and being added directly to panels." would I be right in thinking because setting titles is not related to " receiving events from the browser" that calling .asWidget().setTitle("****") has no affect? or is this something that occurs in GXT usage? Or is it just because I'm using comboFieldLabel as a Widget?

In my example myComboBoxExample.asWidget() returns comboFieldLabel as a Widget. I also tried setting the title inside myComboBoxExample of comboFieldLabel and this title could be retrieved by myComboBoxExample.asWidget().getTitle() but no set using myComboBoxExample.asWidget().setTitle()