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Thread: Touch-2.1.0-RC1 pie chart performLayout

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    Default Answered: Touch-2.1.0-RC1 pie chart performLayout

    Hi all,

    Today I tried the rc1 of touch-2.1.0 and I wanted to render a pie chart, but all I get is this error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'performLayout'
    Which I find quite odd, since the only forum post about this I found was that the issue was fixed in beta3 of this release.

    The chart I use is build like this:

    var store = new{
        fields:    ['period', 'value'],
        data:    [{'period': '10-2011','value': '42'},
                  {'period': '11-2011',    'value': '18'},
                  {'period': '12-2011',    'value': '27'},
                  {'period': '01-2012',    'value': '8'},
                  {'period': '02-2012',    'value': '19'}]
    Ext.define('MCT.view.TestChart', {
        extend:    'Ext.chart.AbstractChart',
        alias:    'widget.testchart',
        config: {
            width:        500,
            height:        300,
            animate:        false,
            store:            store,
            theme:            'Base',
            insetPadding:    20,
            showMarkers:    true,
            series:    [{
                type:        'pie',
                angleField:    'value',
                highlight: {
                    margin:    20
                label: {
                    field:        'period',
                    display:    'rotate',
                    contrast:    true,
                    font:        '18px Arial'
    Is there anyone else who still has this problem?

  2. The Pie chart the kitchensink is using doesn't use AbstractChart, it uses the PolarChart.

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