The "sencha ant build"command return an error on RHEL 5.

[INFO ] Capturing theme image
[ERROR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExProcess: phantomjs process exited with code 127 :
[ERROR] /opt/Sencha/Cmd/ error while loading shared libraries: /opt/Sencha/Cmd/ ELF file OS ABI invalid
[ERROR] at com.sencha.command.theme.ThemeCommands$CaptureCommand.execute(
[ERROR] at com.sencha.command.theme.ThemeCommands$BuildCommand.execute(
I am using the latest version of command :

I had the same error on phantomjs with the 2.X senchaSDK tools

I do not have this error on ubuntu 12.04 x64

Do someone have an idea on how to fix this ?