How To Render a Ext.FormPanel inside a Ext.Window when All belongs to Ext.ViewPort

Hi Everyone,

I have a extended Ext.Panel, with layout='card'. Inside this panel I have two inner Ext.FormPanels: one to diplay data (vPanel) and one for edit data (ePanel). It works just fine, vPanel has a "Edit" button which shows ePanel when clicked and hide vPanel. Everything is inside a Ext.ViewPort element and works.

My question is: I would like to disable the whole background when ePanel is active, so pretty much a popup window with a dimmed background, but I don't want window's elements on it, like close button, floating/movable whatever ... just a panel with dimmed/disable background.

Once I'm quite new to javascript and ExtJS I need advice here.

I have already seen that a window with modal=true might work. But will it accomplish all my requirements? when adding it as an item inside the Ext.ViewPort how should I trigger the show method? (some code sketch might be helpfull as well).

Thanks in advance and kind regards.