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Thread: Sencha GXT 3.0.2b is now available [update]

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    Default Sencha GXT 3.0.2b is now available [update]

    Sencha GXT 3.0.2b is now available

    Update: We've released an updated build of GXT 3.0.2 with corrected localization files. Please download 3.0.2b from the Sencha Support Portal or update your Maven dependency, especially if you're using GXT with non-English locales.

    Sencha GXT 3.0.2 is available for customers with current support subscription. You can get access to the GXT 3.0.2 build from the Sencha Support Portal.

    Support customers also have the option of using Maven to automatically satisfy a dependency on Sencha GXT 3.0.2. However, because GXT 3.0.2 is a Support-only release, youll need to take a few extra steps to give yourself access to our repository. Please note that if you use Nexus or Artifactory in your organization, it may be necessary to apply some of these details to your server instead of to your project files and your own personal settings.xml.

    Configure Maven with your Support credentials

    Youll need to configure Maven with your Support credentials to have access to GXT 3.0.2. To do this, youll be modifying your settings.xml. For more details about settings.xml, see the Maven Settings Reference.

    You should find in your settings.xml the servers element. Youll add a block like the following to that element:

        <username>Your support username</username>
        <password>Your support password</password>
    If youre a support customer using the GPL release of GXT 3.0.2, replace support-commercial-release with support-gpl-release above.

    Add the Support repository to your POM

    Because GXT 3.0.2 is a Support-only release, you (and Maven) wont be able to find it in Maven Central. As a result, youll need to add our Support repository to your projects POM. For more details about the POM, see the Maven POM Reference.

    Look for the repositories element (a child of the project element) and add the following repository:

        <name>Sencha Support Commercial Repository</name>
    Again, if you are using the GPL release of GXT 3.0.2, replace support-commercial-release with support-gpl-release. Remember to do this both in the id element and in the url element.

    Increment your GXT dependency

    Find the gxt dependencies in your POM and increment their versions to 3.0.2

    Nightly Snapshot availability

    Starting after the release of GXT 3.0.2, we will also be making nightly builds available to Support customers. Keep in mind that these are development snapshots that have not received the testing and polish that we have for releases.

    Follow the settings above, but replace each code block with the following.

    In your settings.xml:

      <username>Your support username</username>
      <password>Your support password</password>
    In your POM:

      <snapshots />
      <name>Sencha Support Commercial Snapshots</name>
    Finally, update your gxt dependency to increment the version number. For the latest development builds in the GXT 3.0.x series, use 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT. For the latest development builds leading up to GXT 3.1.0, use 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
    Edmund Leung
    Sencha Product Management

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    What's new in this minor release? Is there a release notes page?

    Also, tried logging in to my subscription portal, but my subscription ran out. How do I extend it? Thanks!!

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    Default GXT 3.0.2 Release note

    You can contact to renew your support subscription.

    And below is the release note for 3.0.2 listing the changes included in the release:

    Release 3.0.2 (8/13/12 - tag 3.0.2)

    General Changes & Enhancements
    [EXTGWT-1506] - Unit Tests - Review and update for Draw & Charts
    [EXTGWT-2186] - Look into adding a rendering quality option to draw.
    [EXTGWT-2341] - Add event for date chosen in DatePicker popup
    [EXTGWT-2356] - Use appearance with themed chart example.
    [EXTGWT-2379] - Detect and handle IE compatibility mode (for intranets)

    API Changes
    Breaking change - PortalLayoutContainer changed to Composite which wraps a CssFloatLayoutContainer
    DateField and DateCell implements HasExpandHandlers, HasCollapseHandlers
    Added GridFiltersAppearance in AbstractGridFilters, added constructors
    Hardcoded 'x-filtered-column' style now appearance based, see AbstractGridFilters
    Breaking change - Added XElement parent parameter to getFrameSize method in Frame

    Bug Fixes

    Buttons and fields not focusable programmatically
    [EXTGWT-1604] - Reset button in Fx Demo only resets position
    [EXTGWT-1990] - Charts: ScatterRendererChart: Selection of dataitem is not shown in the menu drop-down s
    [EXTGWT-2056] - Transformed bounding box calculations are not as accurate in VML.
    [EXTGWT-2074] - Window height reduce 6px for every show
    [EXTGWT-2097] - Column width of headers and data do not match in IE
    [EXTGWT-2102] - NullPointerException using GridstateHandler(Grid) constructor
    [EXTGWT-2132] - DatePicker does not change which dates are greyed when month is changed
    [EXTGWT-2148] - setOnEsc doesn't work in dialogs
    [EXTGWT-2180] - RowExpander appearance bug
    [EXTGWT-2226] - ComboBox gets stuck open when clicking on border
    [EXTGWT-2246] - GXT 3.0.0b - HtmlEditor.setEnable(false) does not work
    [EXTGWT-2267] - XTemplates expressions dont support var deref
    [EXTGWT-2270] - DrawComponent mouse up event.
    [EXTGWT-2280] - (Grey Theme build UI Issue)Tree : Async Json Tree: Async Json Tree is displayed blank
    [EXTGWT-2310] - Chart: Gauge Chart: The scale value label is truncated .
    [EXTGWT-2342] - CartesianAxis doesn't allow rendering of odd and even grid config
    [EXTGWT-2347] - Filter text fields not editable in IE7
    [EXTGWT-2349] - Column headers don't reflect filteredness
    [EXTGWT-2350] - Permutation explosion when specifying user.agent and including Charts
    [EXTGWT-2365] - When reordering Grid columns, other Grids act like drop targets
    [EXTGWT-2369] - DatePicker months are not localised
    [EXTGWT-2376] - GroupingHandlerRegistration and widgetMap in Container causing memory leak?
    [EXTGWT-2382] - Horizontal scrolling in grid cancels editing
    [EXTGWT-2383] - [s9048] Bug with sprite fill.
    [EXTGWT-2385] - Incorrect rendering of PieChart labels positioned outside
    [EXTGWT-2386] - Bar Series is covered by Area Series
    [EXTGWT-2387] - Missing sprite renderer calls.
    [EXTGWT-2389] - Border issue when adding Charts to Porlets in PortalLayoutContainer
    [EXTGWT-2391] - Charts :Scatter Renderer Chart: Check boxes are displayed with only two of the Max Radius options
    [EXTGWT-2395] - Chart: Dashboard Chart : The graph is not displaying when the price filter matches with one record
    [EXTGWT-2402] - Caret position in spinners is inconsistent
    [EXTGWT-2403] - XTemplates does not appear to recognize isXXX boolean methods on beans
    [EXTGWT-2411] - Reducing the number of items on the pie series leaves old slices.
    [EXTGWT-2416] - All GXT 3 apps silently fail on Solaris
    [EXTGWT-2442] - Forms: Advanced Forms(Local Intranet specific issue): Not able to select radio buttons under Forms Example form
    [EXTGWT-2445] - window's height grows on each call to win.setVisible(true) [GXT3.0.2-shapshot 9/19]
    [EXTGWT-2446] - Drag and Drop : TreeGrid to TreeGrid : "Exception Caught" error alert message is displaying when trying to drag the items in to the next panel.
    [EXTGWT-2458] - remove of TreeModel with filtering enabled
    [EXTGWT-2465] - Basic Binding: Symbol field accepting minimum one upper case and rest lower case
    [EXTGWT-2363] - Dialog: tab doesn't change focus to action buttons
    [EXTGWT-2370] - DatePicker needs to render weeks starting on Monday in some locales
    [EXTGWT-2375] - Dialog should have a default button active
    [EXTGWT-2346] - DatePicker does not disallow selection of invalid dates
    Edmund Leung
    Sencha Product Management

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    Sorry for not understanding. 3.0.2 is a Support Only release. Does that mean that the bug fixes from 3.0.2 wont ever become available for 3.0.1 GPL? Or do we just wait longer? I find this kind of strange to have a *broken/unfixed* GPL versions of your product but a *working/fixed* version for commercial use.

    Maybe I don't fully understand what is going on here but please shine some light on the support only and GPL rules

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    Hi. I'm not sure if they will do it on 3.x the same they did on 2.x.
    If so, then forget about it. The changes won't be available until they release another major change (probably 3.1.x). Only that one will be then available GPL.

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    Default Suggestion for Sencha

    Dear Sencha,

    Please stop calling it 'GPL'. A better name is 'Buggy Trial Version'.

    Someone trying to use the 'GPL' version

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