I went through the instructions on installing Sencha Touch SDK here: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthre...ools-v2-beta-3
but this document is related to MAC. So far I was not able to follow the steps because some of them are unclear. The Architect documentation is very, very poor, and seems like it is not even finished.

When I got to the part related to MAC simulation it is even more messy. I was not able to find any info on how to install/setup iPhone emulator, how to setup iPhone SDK, or whatever is needed to test/deploy an iPhone App from PC. Basically the whole setup for Architect is a big disappointment. The documentation doesn't even say if (when installing an Architect) I should install (or not) other componencts (like ExtJS and Sencha Touch separately).

I wonder if some body could put a better outline (for Windows oriented users) on how to:
- setup Atchitect (path to SDK, path to the project, or whatever to get it to work)
- setup SDK
- depoly an Android App
- deploy an iPhone App

All the above for Windows users please.
At this moment I cannot even run an example App, I get 404 Page Not found error.

I'm using XAMPP and I extracted SDK into this folder:
Extracted example App into this one:
but when I try to PREVIEW in this folder:
I get an error 404

I don't even know if the Architect creates a deployment directory for me or I need to do it manually,... so many small steps are skipped, and for beginners it is a nightmare!

would appreciate any help