Versions: 2.1.0RC1 and Sencha Command

I'm getting some crazy funk as well.

Got all the comma stuff everyone is talking about.
The hash key in all of my files is: 68cba197012d982c95ed7198730181ed37132f25 except for one where it was misssing the last 5 like: 68cba197012d982c95ed7198730181ed37132f2
Got 16 delta files for my app.js, not sure if that's normal or not as this is my first time doing this.

Inside my index.html I was getting a console error where one of the lines was broken like so:

?(n.removeItem(j),l=!0,f--):e++;l&&t(a,b)}}}function u(a){try{return n.getItem(a)}catch(d){return null}}function M(){H||(H=
All that bottom 'line' is pushed across 9 lines rather than 1.

Thanks, Dom